Asset Recovery

Recover and retain maximum value for distressed inventory. Whether it’s unsold or returned, PCS will help you minimize loss and distribute your products responsibly.

Get the most value out of idle assets.

As a key player in the wireless equipment marketplace, you know consumer demand is extremely dynamic and challenging to predict. New devices enter the market on a daily basis from all over the world and buying preferences change rapidly.

No matter how good you are at product portfolio management, you are likely to face inventory challenges from time to time. The good news is that most wireless devices today retain value and enjoy a 2nd, or even 3rd life.

PCS Wireless specializes in surplus, end of life, returned, and otherwise idle personal communication equipment inventory. We will help you recover the greatest value for your most pressing inventory challenges, plus help you make smart business decisions that minimize loss in the future

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Identify distressed inventory
You may already know which idle equipment you want to sell or prepare for resale or redistribution; in which case PCS will review your product list with you and provide you with a recommended approach and corresponding quote.

Or, you may need an honest assessment of the market value of your idle equipment, either surplus or returns. PCS will conduct that assessment for you.

Work with PCS to decide what to do with it
Whether you want to liquidate your inventory quickly or develop a plan to turn it around and re-distribute it responsibly, PCS can help.

We are one of the few firms in the industry who are willing to assume ownership of your inventory outright, prepare it for re-sale or recycling, and re-distribute it responsibly.

Partner with PCS to retain the most value for your equipment. We can share the revenue and the risk of liquidating your products, purchase them from you outright, or simply ready the equipment for re-sale or redistribution so you can use it to expand your customer offerings.

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