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Reverse Logistics

At the core of all PCS Wireless solutions and services is our strength and competency in reverse logistics.

PCW Wireless will purchase your products outright and leverage its expertise in Reverse Logistics to prepare them for re-sale in a responsible and secure manner. We then re-distribute market ready equipment through our global network of 2,500 distributors, making sure that we minimize any disruption to your market strategy and current sell-through activity.


PCS Wireless will pick up the equipment from your facilities and transport it to its final destination.



We physically receive all equipment into PCS owned and operated facilities.

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    Every device is serialized and tracked throughout the entire PCS supply chain.

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    First and foremost, all inventory is subjected to the highest standards of data sanitization.

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    All equipment is sorted and triaged by cosmetic condition.

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    Every piece of equipment is thoroughly tested to identify technical failure.

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    All equipment receives a final cosmetic grade for immediate resale.

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    Each device is re-flashed with the appropriate software per customer specification.

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    All pre-owned functional or new device only equipment is fully re-kitted for re-sale.

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    Finished Goods

    PCS Wireless maintains physical inventory of more than 200 SKUs across all product conditions and technologies.

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    Quality Control

    Each piece of equipment sold by PCS Wireless is subjected to rigorous quality control and backed by the company’s limited warranty.


PCS will pick, pack and ship credit approved orders on the same day they are received.

FedEx, Ups, DHL. Ground - Air

PCS Wireless has developed a strong competency in reverse logistics. We have made a serious commitment to continually optimizing our business processes, infrastructure, technology, human resources, and facilities to provide best-in-class supply chain management capabilities.

All surplus, end of life and returned equipment sourced by PCS Wireless, or transported to our facilities to be properly prepared for resale, redeployment or recycling is subjected, first and foremost, to the highest standards of data sanitization.

All data wiping functions are performed on equipment recommended and/or approved by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), and in compliance with the requirements set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-88, and in accordance with the

US DOD 5220.22M standard set by the US government to protect sensitive data and ensure it is properly sanitized and destroyed.

Once all proprietary data has been cleansed, we serialize each device, and sort or triage the equipment to determine its appropriate path through our warehouse. We perform all necessary diagnostic testing, cosmetic grading, flashing, unlocking, and kitting. We maintain a serialized list of finished inventory and pick, pack and ship directly from facilities owned and operated by PCS Wireless.

We maintain control of all reverse logistic processes in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. We also provide complete transparency from the point in time in which PCS Wireless secures each piece of equipment, all the way through resale of the device.

Device Diagnostics
Through a partnership with an industry focused software engineering company, PCS is able to offer ground breaking technology that detects all unwanted content, reloads initial factory settings and ensures each device passes all functional testing. These tests can drastically reduce the risk of proprietary data being erroneously released on a device and increase the productivity and throughput during manufacturing or re-manufacturing processes.
Device Services
PCS has partnered with a company whose primary expertise is repairing, re-manufacturing, refurbishing and re-conditioning mobile devices to restore them to OEM specification levels. Every device is rigorously tested before, during and after being broken down to its component level and completely re-assembled. Companies who use our Device Services experience a 2% return rate, far lower than the industry average of 5%.