OEM Value Added Distribution

Make sure your products are sold in the markets that value them most. We capitalize on demand all over the world and find markets other distributors may not realize exist.

PCS works directly with manufacturers all over the world to help them realize the full value of their mobile equipment. We have successfully distributed products on behalf of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers through our network of more than 2500 retailers and distributors.

Whether you are bringing products to market for the very first time, or striving to make the most of excess or unsold inventory, PCS will make sure your products are sold at the highest possible price to the markets that need and want them most.

The team at PCS has unparalleled visibility into potential markets for your products and the value each market holds. Our team will quickly collaborate to find the best distribution model for each and every one of your products.

Why PCS?

Global Reach
Our understanding of the local markets for wireless equipment all over the world means we can help you optimize your distribution and reach emerging and niche markets everywhere.
The team at PCS is confident in its understanding of the marketplace and very aware of the impact time has on the relative value of most mobile equipment. We make decisions quickly and act swiftly to capitalize on the current trends and opportunities.
Best Price
The PCS purchasing and distribution teams have unrivaled insights into the demand for a huge variety of equipment, models, and technologies in local markets all over the world. We work as one team which enables us to offer our partners the best possible pricing.
At PCS we are willing and able to take calculated risks and share in the risk and the reward with our partners. We are also extremely focused on our partner’s business objectives and will often find a market for equipment that other distributors can’t handle.
PCS has made significant commitments to achieving high standards of operational excellence. We are proud of our many certifications and confident that our ongoing investment in business process optimization has made us both agile enough to respond to the changing needs of this dynamic marketplace, and responsive to our partners ever changing needs and wants.